Geometric shapes painting…How to!

What do you do on rainy weekends? For me, it’s an excuse to paint, blog, online shop, etc. This weekend was one of the first weekends that we spent almost the entire weekend inside, due to the rain. I loved every minute. I painted, rearranged furniture, found the perfect bathing suit online, and did a little house keeping. Below is the painting I did. It was quick and easy and filled an empty space I’ve been trying to fill. See how to below:

Materials used:

(1) Canvas (found at Michaels craft store)

(?) Acrylic paint (I had some already, but can be found at Michaels)

(1) Painters tape

(1) Paint brush


Step 1:

Tape off the pattern you want. I love geometric shapes, plus it was SUPER easy. I randomly taped off areas.


Step 2:

The paint color I wanted to feature was a gold, so I painted the gold in the center. After that, I painted a different color in each space, repeating a few of my favorite colors.

Step 3:

Remove the tape and then touch up with white paint if the paint seeped through (mine did a little). And you are finished! See my finished product below. All in all, it took me about an hour!




1 Comments on “Geometric shapes painting…How to!”

  1. That is a WOW! As I read your blog, I purposefully tried not to see the end product. I read the steps, and tried to envision what it would look like. Then, as I scrolled down to the end and saw the colors you selected and how RICH it looked…the first word out of my mouth was….WOW. You are so talented. What a perfect rainy day project. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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