Hand-painted curtains…How-to!


My goodness, who thought it would take me a month to get back on here? We have been settling into our apartment in Dallas and exploring the city every chance we get, hence my delay on here. As I’m redecorating my space, one thing missing in my decor has always been cute, long curtains. I kid you not, I literally ALWAYS look for curtains..any place I go. I’ve looked on etsy, checked out Target, Homegoods, World Market, etc but they were either too short (Target), ugly patterns (Homegoods), too plain (World Market), so I decided to paint my own curtains. IKEA has 96″ curtains that come in standard white and beige for JUST $20 for pair.  Insane!


Materials used:

(1) Mod Podge– matte finish

(1) small paint brush

(1) small paint roller

(1) paint tray

(1) 60 oz paint

(1) paint tape

Step 1:

Begin by measuring out the area that you plan on painting. I wanted the classy horizontal stripes, which I could find for a minimum of $150..sheesh! My stripes were 12 inches apart.



Step 2:

Next, brush on mod podge all along the edge of the tape that faces into the painted area. This binds the tape to the fabric and leaves a clean line of paint once the paint dries.


Step 3:

Once mod podge dries, paint on your first layer of your color over the mod podge, overlapping onto the tape a little bit. (see picture)


Step 4:

After two layers of paint have dried, tear up the tape and you’ll have a PERFECT line on the fabric. I did this project in two different designs, horizontal stripes and dipped curtains. See my finished products below.




And our bedroom outcome…




Happy DIYing!


3 Comments on “Hand-painted curtains…How-to!”

  1. Did you put the mod podge just on the tape? Or also let it go onto the curtain a little bit? Thanks!

    • Paint the modpogde on about half an inch on the tape and half an inch on the curtain/fabric. But Only on the side of the tape that’s going to be the lines for the paint. Does that make sense??

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