Large prints for CHEAP…How-to!

Hi Everyone! This is my first winter in Dallas and I can definitely say that it hasn’t quite been what I had prepared myself for. Yes, this close-minded Southern girl thought Dallas would be warm year round, and the winters wouldn’t be winters like I knew in South Carolina (which still is only a one snow kind of winter). Last week, Dallas had its second winter storm and it has been FRIGID! Therefore, I’ve been inside, which is fine by me. Crafting 24×7 is my kind of activity anyways!

This week I’m sharing a secret that I know you’re going to love. My good friend from home told me about printing large black and white prints from Office Max online for cheap, but it wasn’t until I actually did it myself that I feel like I HAVE THE BIGGEST SECRET EVER! Okay so I’ll share.

Materials used:

(1) Frame or old window

Step 1:

Go to OfficeMax Online and click Business and Service print at the top. Under Print Center, click Print Online.  I selected Oversize printing and uploaded this picture I took while exploring the country in Texas.


Step 2:

I printed this in a black and white 26×35″. Choose your local store and pick it up there. Here’s the secret. PAY ONLINE! For some reason, online is $3.97 for the HUGE black and white oversized print, but in the store it is $27. IT’S A STEAL! My project was $3.97 and I placed behind an old window. Here is my final product. Giving us a little country in our Master Bedroom.




And since this little lady follows me around as I take pictures, here’s my spoiled furr baby, Dixie wondering what her mom is doing!


Can’t wait to hear how you are using this print center! Talk soon!



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Young southerners finding high cotton in our ordinary life

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