DIY return address…How-to!

So, its the time of year again. Time to take the perfect Christmas card picture and spend a day addressing the envelopes, or fighting with a rubber stamp smearing it all over the place. Which brings me to the topic of this post…return address labels. With our move, I had to get a new stamp…which I didn’t do in time for the Christmas card. It seems like it always happens that you change your address soon after buying a permanent stamp or order labels, leaving the stamp useless after. Hence, why this year I didn’t buy a stamp or order labels. I hand-drew my return address and I’ll show you how. Pretty easy and the best part… FREE!!!


Materials used:

(1) a light table (i have a table that is about 1.5′ by 1′ from Michael’s craft store

(1) Fine point pen

(?) Envelopes

(1) spare paper


Step 1: Start by printing out a picture of an image that you want to use on your label. I went to google and found deer antlers (vector image). I then traced it onto a spare piece of paper and placed our name and address in between. I kept tracing over and over with the light table until I got the spacing just right.



Step 2: I placed the pieceof paper underneath my first envelope, centered and traced.


Step 3: Repeat with the envelope underneath each envelope moving forward. SUper easy. Put on that favorite movie and speed away!


Ohh… and here’s a picture of the puppy keeping me company 🙂





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Young southerners finding high cotton in our ordinary life

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