Thanksgiving duck hunt 2013

Wow, I’m embarrassed that I’m writing this so late. It seems I am getting to this blogging stuff in spurts, but I promise one day I’ll get consistent. This thanksgiving, we spent our first holiday away from family, here in Dallas. So of course, since its duck season I said “oh what the heck….I’ll go with you” to my husband. While I love my quiet time while he and the pup are gone (and sleeping in), it seemed like a fun family tradition we could start……….WRONG. Oh boy, I’m not cut out for duck hunting. Dallas had a cold snap, and it was FREEZING. Our 2:30 AM wake up call came way too early. I layered in 3 jackets, 2 pairs of socks, my camo overalls (holla to all my Adpi’s out there where I wore these overalls to our Mallard ball function every year in college), and rolled myself out to the duck blind. The sunrise was spectacular….very peaceful.





AND I’m a sucker for watching nature. But its the COLD long wait that was just not for me.  I did love watching Nathan and Dixie in action.









Dixie scanned the sky the entire hunt looking for ducks, and of course retrieved the ducks. Remember when I told you all about her nightmare birthing scare, she has completly rebounded and it back to her usual, determined, spunky self. Thank the Lord! All in all, it was a good time…will I be going next year?? Thats still debatable. HAHA! Here are some more shots I took while “hunting”….okay i can just call if “watching” since I didn’t do any of the cutting! 😉




Until next time,

xoxo Gretel


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Young southerners finding high cotton in our ordinary life

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