Chalkboard frame makeover… How-to!

Hello again!

This post is inspired by the winter wonderland outside this weekend in Dallas. Yes, thats right, we are locked inside due to an ice storm that hit Dallas yesterday. The weather here is about to drive me crazy, high of 80 one day and then high of 29 the next day. HOLY OVERLOAD OF EVERY SEASON OF CLOTHES IN MY CLOSET! But I can’t complain because I had an excuse to craft all day….my favorite activity. And my husband had to assist because there was nothing better for him to do outside! 🙂

In our new city apartment in Dallas, we have a much smaller dining room than our house in South Carolina. So, I’ve been going back and forth about how to decorate the space without over crowding the room. In this post, I create an end-of-the-table, holiday tablescape that is just right for this small space. See below for how-to!


Materials used:

(1) Old painting to paint over with chalkboard paint (Home Depot) or existing chalkboard

(1) Chalk

(1) Christmas wreath

(1) Burlap ribbon 112″ long (cut into two pieces of 64″ and 48″)

(1) 6″ of rope twine

Step 1:

Begin by either painting an existing painting over with Chalk paint if you don’t already have a chalk board you want to use. My chalk board frame was an old painting that I painted over a year ago (can you believe a local antique store was going to THROW this frame and painting AWAY?!)

Step 2:

Next, cut the burlap ribbon into two pieces (one 64″ long and the other 48″ long).

Step 3:

Fold the piece that is 64″ long in an accordion fold to have three layers (each layer is 16″).


Step 4:

Use the other piece of burlap ribbon and wind through the wreath.


Step 5:

The next step is to pinch the overlapping (accordion) ribbon and place in between the burlap ribbon (see pictures).



Step 6:

Okay stay with me on this one…I know it looks a mess right now. This step helps fix that. You are going to use that 6″ of twine rope and tie off the bottom of the pinched ribbon (see picture.)


And then tie the two pieces of burlap that were overlapping the pinched accordion piece (ugh this is the reason i was not a teacher…I don’t explain things well!) haha! See the picture. This step defines the bow and you can pull the tail pieces down to really define the bow.


Step 7:

The easiest step. Drape the end pieces over the backside of the frame and tape them down. I used tape because I will want to swap out the wreaths with the seasons and this just makes it not such a permanent fix.


Step 8:

Write a message in the center of the wreath…I wrote “Joy” because of the Christmas season, but you could write “Love” for Valentines Day, “Give Thanks” for Thanksgiving, etc.

Here is my finished product:





Happy DIYing!



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