Deer Antler Mount Makeover…How-to!

I think it is no surprise that I am obsessed with all things deer. Especially recently, I’ve been scouring the stores for anything with a deer antler on it..pillow cases, necklaces, silhouette paintings, sweaters, even down to my return address label for our christmas cards (okay i might have a problem!). Well while I’ve been buying anything with a deer on it, I’m also searching for ways to have DIY projects with Antlers and BOY have I hit the motherload. December is dedicated to Deer Antler posts, from DIY projects to Etsy finds, each post will follow the theme. So all you Antique, shabby chic, hippy lovers out there, get ready for  a month of posts right up your alley.

In my first few weeks here in Texas, I have visited a few flea markets…one visit happened to be on a day we got sleet all day and it was FREEZING. OH and did I mention, its an outdoor flea market. My husband gets big brownie points for that one. 🙂 I picked up with awesome deer mount but there was once problem. I HATE the mounts where you can see the hair from the deer’s head. So, this post is about how to take a mount that is manly and quite frankly ugly, to chic home decor for many spaces in your home.


Materials used:

(1) Set of deer antlers

(1) Wood mount from Michaels craft store

(1) Can of chalk board spray paint

(1) Glue gun

(1) 1/4 yard of your favorite fabric (really you only need about a 1′ x 1′ square…but most places make you buy a minimum)

(1) Handful of cotton (i just opened up one of my pillows and stole a handful of cotton)

Step 1:

Begin by cutting a square of fabric big enough to overlap each side of the cap (the deer head part of the mount). Make diagonal cuts to the fabric like pictures to make room for the antlers. There is no need to cut out circles…the cuts below do the same thing.

Step 2:

Pull the fabric around the antlers and begin by hot gluing the top of the mount by pulling the fabric tight and lying down a line of glue on the backside.

Step 3:

After gluing the top down, stuff the cap with the handful of cotton to create a smooth surface. (see picture)


Step 4:

Hot glue the bottom next and then the sides.


Step 5:

The next step is optional. and i maybe regret doing it to my mount. But I had some cording that was sewed in fabric already from a previous post (see post about sewing pillows on how to make cording yourself.) I simply hot glued the cording around the exterior of the cap.

Step 6:

If your antlers don’t come mounted or if you don’t like the mount it came with (like me), you can buy a wood plaque from Michaels craft store in many shapes. I bought the circle and spray painted with chalk board paint. The reason I did the circle shape mount was to draw the leave crest around the antlers like pictured. And you’re done!





Happy DIYing!



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