Dogs need prayer too!

Wow, things have been crazy. As most of you know, we packed up our cute little home in Greenville, SC and hit the road for Dallas, TX the first week in September. But most of you dont know what happened the week before our drive that ROCKED our world. We had a planned breeding with our sweet labrador and a handsome black labrador in South Georgia, Dude. This was planned before we knew about Texas and we knew the timing of the puppies coming was a little inconvenient being the week before we were moving, but you know there are some things you can’t plan and we had high hopes that the process would be seamless and smooth.





Well, August 23rd comes around and we woke up at 1 AM to our labby with her first baby boy. Momma and baby were doing great and we were so relieved to see she was doing it on her own and being such a good momma to her new baby. Every hour after that we woke up to see any progress, and to our surprise the next puppy wasn’t born until 6 AM. After a day of labor,  we had 5 puppies and Dixie was being the best mom. All was great in the Stone household.


Dixie with 5 healthy puppies

August 25th was our first wedding anniversary. With 5 puppies and a tired momma pup, we were planning on celebrating later in the week…and thank goodness we did. We noticed Dixie was so lethargic and after Nate and I took our evening walk, we walked in to see a momma dog that couldn’t even lift her head. COULDN’T BELIEVE IT! We rushed her to the emergency vet and had blood-work and x-rays done. Get ready for what I’m about to say… She still had 3 unborn puppies inside and a torn uterus that made it impossible to deliver them. PLUS, she was too weak to make it through surgery that night.  The vet mentioned a 20% chance of her making it through the night for surgery the next morning. We were devastated. Our girl looked awful and we didn’t want her to continue to be in pain, but she comes from SUCH great bloodline and is such a fighter in the duck blind with Nathan, we just couldn’t give up on her.

August 26th morning– she made it through the night and they began the surgery to remove her torn uterus and the three dead babies. Minute by minute we held our breath and she made it. I’m sure you must be wanting to know what happened with her 5 puppies that she only nursed for 2 days. Well, God has a plan. My in-laws have a goldendoodle, Shug, that just had babies 4 weeks prior. She was weaning her puppies off of breast feeding, but of-course still had milk and she was our only lifeline. The puppies had been bottle fed while we were at the vet, but Nathan and I didnt have the luxury of coming home ever 2 hours to feed puppies and knew this was just a nightmare so we hoped everything with shug would work. My in-laws walked in with the pups and Shug immediately ran over and looked at those little black burritos in the basket like “Are these mine?” She whipped those little babies right up to the nipple and cleaned them like crazy. Those were her new little babies. GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS!


Shug feeding her new “babies”. Look at that smile!

Dixie beat all odds and came home September 1st. We were THRILLED! Oh what a blessing. The pups are doing great with Shug as their new surrogate mother and all is well in the Stone household again. Thank you to everyone who prayed for Dixie and her recovery. Dogs need prayer too! We are so thankful and ready to take on Dallas together–  all three of us!


Dixie ready to head home!


Dixie’s only female pup, Willow!

Until next time (and hopefully there won’t be another dramatic story to tell!)



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