Favorite Friday — Fall Mantles

YIPPPEEEEEE! Pumpkin spice lattes are back in Starbs and everyone is eyeing their new boot purchase for the fall. Did I say it?? YES FALL!! My favorite time of year for many reasons:

1. Comfy sweaters leggings and BOOTS!

2. ORANGE (huge Clemson fan here…)

3. Crisp air

3. Pumpkins (pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin beer, pumpkin decor, pumpkin bread, pumpkin carving, pumpkin desserts)

4. Thanksgiving

5. Hot chocolate

6. Warm color home decor

Yes new home decor. Time to warm things up from the bright summer colors. Time to make a burlap banner, throw some pumpkins on the mantle and the table and bring in so many earthy natural colors to warm up the room. Which brings me to my Favorite Friday topic of the day… FALL MANTLES. Here are some of my favs to get you inspired.


Love the burlap banner


The wood adds such a rustic touch


The monogram pumpkins are AWESOME.


Nothing says fall better than a deer head

Okay you can’t tell me that doesn’t get you ALL EXCITED for the fall. Happy fall y’all (dying to say that!) Now go and decorate your mantles!

Happy DIYing friends!



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Young southerners finding high cotton in our ordinary life

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