State Love wall decor… How-to!

I know each of you have seen the blow up on Pinterest and Etsy of home decor and accessories with states like Texas and Georgia. With our recent move to Texas, I wanted to create something for both South Carolina and Texas and thought oh what the heck I’ll make something (don’t get me wrong…I have bought little state necklaces too.)

In this post I will show you how I made some state themed wall decor, perfect for our new home in Texas.


Time to complete: 1 hour


(1) piece of wood per state

(50) nails per state

(1) packet of 3 yards of thread per state


Step 1:

Print off pictures of the state you are going to make. Cut out the picture and make sure it fits within the wood you have cut.


Step 2:

Begin to hammer nails all around the outline of the state.


Step 3:

Once finished with the outline, you can add a heart where you lived, but this is just an added bonus. You know, after seeing the way it looked with just the nails, I really liked the rustic look with the shiny nails and debated stopping.


Step 4:

Start winding the thread all around the state by tying one end of the thread around one of the nails. Te key here is to not cross the string through the heart so that the heart is left open and noticeable. AND you are done. Here are my finished products. Super easy and will make a great piece hung on the wall or propped up on my buffet!



Happy DIYing!



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Young southerners finding high cotton in our ordinary life

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