Monogram wall decor… How-to!

Over the last year, I’ve had a minor obsession with my new monogram….okay doesn’t everyone right?! In every store I look for “s” and how I could incorporate them in my house. In this post, I made some wall decor that is both unique and rustic and OF COURSE is my new monogram. Needless to say it was the perfect touch for my living room.

I’ll start with the “s” on the left on barn wood. My in-laws live on a good amount of land and have an old barn on the land. They cut off a few peices for me from the inside and I painted an “s” on it. Simple enough right? Well yes but below is my method of painting the “s” which made it SO much easier.
Start by putting down tape into the shape of the “s”. I used painter’s tape, but that isn’t necessary.
Next, I outlined the tape with paint to get the basic shape, and removed the tape.
The last thing is the fill in the outlines with paint. I used a white paint, but many colors would have looked good. To make the wood sign, I screwed the three pieces together with a board running vertical. On that board, I also attached a wall hanger.
The next piece, the one on the right in the first picture, is a wood frame from Hobby Lobby that I stapled gunned frame into. The wood monogram was purchased off Etsy and used in my wedding a year ago, which has sentimental value to me.
Next I stapled the monogram to the fabric from the back side. It was THAT easy. But I think looks great!
Hope this gives you inspiration to create your own wall decor, and make something that has some personal meaning to you!
Happy DIYing!

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