Rope covered Monogram…How-to!

Yes, I’m ACTUALLY going to post about this..sounds simple enough…and it is! But here is what you will need to create your own shabby/chic monogram.

List of materials from Michael’s craft store:

  • Wood monogram (mine is 12 inches tall)
  • String/rope
  • Hot glue gun
  • Burlap or other fabric for the flowers
  • Picture frame brackets (in case you want to hang)

Start by wrapping the rope around the top of the letter in a vertical matter. On any of the corners, leave spaces so that the majority of what you wrap is either vertical or horizontal, you will fill in the gaps with spare robe after wrapping it. As a general rule, only glue where you feel like it might slip if you don’t.

Now you will begin to fill in the gaps. Leave a line of hot glue and fill with lines of rope, one at a time.

Glue piece by piece until the entire thing is covered. No worries if there are a few places that you don’t LOVE, that’s what the flowers are for.

Now, you will begin creating the bow that the monogram will hang from. Start by cutting out a strip of burlap ribbon about 10 inches long. Fold both of the sides in so that they are overlapping over eachother.  See picture for one side folded in. Fold the right side on top of the left.

Next, you want to fold the ribbon in half and staple the folded side to the back of the monogram. See picture for visual.

To make the bow part, overlap three continuous layers of ribbon on top of eachother.  (You will be have three layers of about 10 inches of ribbon within each layer. Pinch the layers in the middle and pull the ends of the bow out, like pictured.

Then you will lay the bow down on the folded ribbon stapled to the monogram like so. Wrap the folded piece of burlap on top of the bow and tie a small piece of brown ribbon to cinch the bow See picture!

Cut the extra of the folded ribbon off of the back after cinching the bow with the piece of hemp string.

Here is where we are so far:

If you want to add a decorative fabric flower to the monogram…here’s how! Cut a strip of fabric about 2 inched wide and 8 inches long. Sew my hand weaving in and out of the right side of the fabric strip (see picture). Cinch the fabric so it puckers. Once you have created a full circle, cut the remainder of the fabric.

Another way to create a flower is to cut a complete circle out of the fabric. Mine was 4 inched in diameter. Hand sew weaving in and out all along the border of the fabric and cinch until you have created a full puckered flower.
Here is the final product. If you add a small loop to the back you can hang this on your front door or on your wall. This could also be done to a moss letter!

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