Wood headboard… How to!

My next big project has been our guest bedroom. For months I’ve been searching for a barn wood headboard that wasn’t too expensive but still unique. NO LUCK! So I made one. With the help from my hubs, we made a headboard for only $80!

Here’s what you need:

  • Qty. 4 of 1x4x10ft white pine wood (have Home Depot cut it in half for 8 pieces)
  • Qty. 1 of 2x4x10ft (cut in half too!) -wood stain (I used a dark stain)
  • Package of screws 2 inches long
  • Hand sander (or sand paper if you don’t have a hand sander… But a hand sander saves so much time!)
  • Outdoor lamp for headboard (optional)
  • 2 small L-brackets for mounting the headboard

Start by standing the top surface of each piece of wood.

Once sanded and the dust is brushed off, build the headboard structure. We laid down a tarp and faced the sanded pieces face down. Next we added the legs…make sure that the bottom of the legs are the same length from the bottom of the headboard for both legs.

After drilling each hole through the legs and into the headboard, we screwed in the 2 inch screws.

Next, you stain the boards. Apply the stain with a paint brush and let sit for 10 seconds then wipe of with a rag. The longer you let it sit on the wood, the darker the stain.

Let the entire headboard dry for a few hours outside to lose the stain smell.

There is an optional part to this. I wanted a light connected to my headboard. My original plan was to add two small lights, one to each side. Once I found the light though, I thought one in the center would look best. Without getting too technical, we bought the light, bulb and dimmer from Home Depot. A few other accessories to make the light compatible to plug into the wall was necessary (ask anyone at Home Depot… They can help!)

One last thing, use very small L-brackets to attach the headboard to the wall.

Here is the finished product! Ekkkkkk!!!


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